SOCAR Türkiye, Turkcell iş birliği ile Türkiye’deki ilk açık hava PLTE altyapısı sektörde öncü olacak

SOCAR Türkiye, the country's leading integrated industrial holding, a significant foreign direct investor, in partnership with Turkcell, has marked a groundbreaking achievement within the energy sector. The largest Private LTE project in Türkiye, designed specifically for the Aliağa Peninsula, was successfully finalized within a brief 6-month period, thanks to the collaboration between these two prominent entities. This accomplishment has led to the creation of a highly secure mobile communication network designed exclusively for SOCAR Türkiye by Turkcell.

The largest open-air Private LTE project in Türkiye, which was brought to life through the collaboration between SOCAR Türkiye and Turkcell in December 2022, and marks a first in the energy sector, has been successfully completed. Within the scope of the collaboration, Turkcell established high-security private mobile communication network (Private LTE) infrastructure exclusively for SOCAR Türkiye's information technology needs by setting up base stations on the Izmir Aliağa Peninsula. The region, home to significant subsidiaries of SOCAR Türkiye such as the STAR Refinery, Petkim, and SOCAR Storage, not only holds the title of Türkiye's first 'Special Industrial Zone' but also serves as a model for digital transformation in the energy sector.

Through the project, SOCAR Türkiye's information technology vision merged with Turkcell's technological infrastructure, providing the facility with a more efficient, flexible, scalable, and technologically advanced infrastructure that is ready for the latest technologies.

Hakan Irgıt, the Head of Digital Transformation and Information Technologies at SOCAR Türkiye, provided insights on the project that was successfully executed within a short timeframe. He stated, 'One of the most crucial actions in our digital transformation is the ability to convert the operations we conduct in our field and the data we derive from these operations into usable forms within our decision-making mechanisms. Within the framework of our technological partnership with Turkcell, we have taken a significant step towards our targeted transformation. By establishing the Private LTE infrastructure (5G-ready private mobile network), which is a first of its kind in Türkiye in terms of size and open area, we are poised to serve the transformation we have aimed for. Thanks to this infrastructure, we will be able to facilitate real-time data flow from numerous points in the field. By sharing the models of improvement and decisions that we create from this data with our field teams, we can ensure a more efficient and secure operation. Within the scope of this collaboration, I have full confidence that we will achieve groundbreaking milestones that will serve as references for various institutions and sectors in Türkiye and our region.

'There will be no slowdown in our collaborative efforts.'

During a visit to the project site, Ceyhun Özata, Deputy General Manager responsible for Corporate Sales at Turkcell,stated: “We, SOCAR Türkiye and Turkcell, brought to life Türkiye's largest open-air Private LTE project in approximately 6 months. This project, marking a first in the energy sector, also represents a significant step in line with Turkcell's vision of delivering high-speed data and communication services to its corporate customers. We maintained a unique collaboration that combined SOCAR Türkiye's excellent infrastructure and network security expertise with Turkcell's technological proficiency in the field. This partnership also signifies a strategic step. Through this project, SOCAR Türkiye has earned the distinction of being the first company in its sector to implement various digital applications aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, occupational safety, and service quality by utilizing telecommunications infrastructure in addition to the existing communication infrastructure. Our project successfully tested the synergy between the telecommunications and energy sectors, serving as a strong example. As a frontrunner in Türkiye's digital transformation journey, we will continue our efforts and collaborations without slowing down in the upcoming period to take an active role in future technologies.”