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What is Biodiversity? What is SOCAR doing to Preserve Biodiversity ...

Life on earth has been thriving for about 4.5 billion years. The increasing variety of living organisms and their relationships with each other over this period is known as biod...

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What is Biodiversity? What is SOCAR doing to Prese ...

Life on earth has been thriving for about 4.5 billion years. The increasing variety of living organisms and their relationships with each other over this period is known as biod...

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Value-Adding Social Responsibility Projects from SOCAR Türkiye Volunteers
Sustainability 20.02.2024

As the SOCAR Türkiye Volunteers platform, which we established with the voluntary participation of nearly 500 employees to support the community, the environment and all living ...

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5 Digital Transformation Trends to Stand Out in 2024
Digital Transformation 16.02.2024

The technological advancements that gained significant momentum in 2023 will continue in 2024. Businesses are striving to keep up with these developments to secure their place i...

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February 16th Innovation Day: Creative and innovative ideas are transforming the world
R&D and Innovation 13.02.2024

Our world is facing complex and diverse problems today. However, it is possible to build a brighter future with solutions and innovations that can overcome these challenges. Peo...

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Low-Cost, Efficient and Sustainable: What is Nanotechnology?
R&D and Innovation 05.02.2024

The term "nanotechnology" first introduced by American physicist Richard Feynman in his 1959 speech titled "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom" is now a common and frequently ...

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The Preliminary Stage of Product Development: What is a Prototype?
R&D and Innovation 05.01.2024

The creation of a prototype stands as one of the most critical stages in the process of product development. This stage essentially determines what the product will roughly rese...

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What is Electrolysis? What are the Types of Electrolyzers Used in Hydrogen Production?
R&D and Innovation 21.12.2023

The sustainable development goals and rapid transformation efforts in the energy sector are bringing hydrogen to the forefront, highlighting its central role. This clean and ver...

6 min
Age of Human-Centric Technologies: What Does Industry 5.0 Mean?
Digital Transformation 19.12.2023

We are curious about the concept of Industry5.0 that we often hear. Seen as the next step in industrialization, Industry 5.0 signifies an industrial transformation that works i...

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From Automotive to Textiles: What are the Applications of Thermoplastics?
Petrochemical 19.12.2023

Thermoplastics, a type of temperature-sensitive plastic, derive their name from this property. The history of thermoplastics, found in a wide range of applications, dates back q...

7 min
Opportunities and Risks: Productive Artificial Intelligence in Business Life (Generative AI)
Digital Transformation 18.12.2023

We stepping stepping into a whole new era with technological advancements in the business world: productive artificial intelligence (generative AI). This innovative technology n...

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Flexible, Lightweight, Easy to Process: How Are Plastics Produced?
Petrochemical 13.12.2023

Plastics are versatile materials that we use frequently in our daily lives and that make our lives easier. Bottles, cups, clothing, furniture, cars, packaging... It is possible ...

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The Key to Sustainable Growth: What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?
Sustainability 06.12.2023

In today's business landscape, sustainable growth stands as one of the most significant objectives for enterprises. Put simply, it's about fostering long-term success and resili...

7 min
What is it Like to Work in the Petrochemical Industry?
Petrochemical 06.12.2023

Crude oil, which is used for a large part of our energy and our products, is refined in refineries. The processing of crude petroleum into usable forms requires the professional...

4 min
The Critical Step in Corporate Sustainability: What Is Governance?
Sustainability 29.11.2023

Companies today are no longer solely motivated by profit. They also aim to balance their societal, environmental and economic impacts while meeting the needs of future generatio...

4 min
Eyes on COP28! What will be on the Agenda of the Fight Against Climate Change?
Sustainability 29.11.2023

Upcoming COP28 summit will determine the road map of the climate struggle. More than 70,000 people are expected to attend the summit, taking place in Dubai between 30 November ...

5 min
The Indispensability of Digital Literacy in the Technology Era
Digital Transformation 23.11.2023

The technological age has influenced almost every aspect of our lives. Developments such as the internet, smart devices, social media, and artificial intelligence have digitized...

4 min
ERP Transformation Pioneer in the Energy Sector: Gains Achieved with Project Earth
Sustainability 22.11.2023

Technological advancements are offering significant advantages for businesses today. Companies that integrate the benefits of digital transformation into their processes can mak...

5 min
What is Automated Machine Learning? What are the Benefits for Companies?
R&D and Innovation 20.11.2023

In today's world, most advanced organizations use machine learning technologies in their business processes. Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), enables ...

4 min
The Chemical Power of Innovation: What is a Catalyst?
R&D and Innovation 17.11.2023

The chemical industry plays a fundamental role in the production of the products we use in our daily lives. Enhancing the efficiency of chemical production, a crucial supplier t...

5 min
What Is Industrial Design? What is It Used for?
R&D and Innovation 15.11.2023

Industrial design is one of the most important disciplines in today's world. Before they are manufactured, all items such as smartphones, cars we operate, and the ergonomic chai...

4 min
Zero Defect Facilities Guide: What is 5S and How to Implement It?
Sustainability 30.10.2023

In the world of business, the quest for high efficiency has persisted from the past to the present. Businesses often seek innovative solutions to boost their productivity. Vario...

5 min
World Savings Day, October 31st: the Significance of Saving in Businesses
Sustainability 30.10.2023

Our world has limited resources. Time is needed for the renewal of these resources. In recent years, population growth and regional famines due to the effects of the climate cri...

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SOCAR Türkiye Sustainability Report Highlights
Sustainability 20.10.2023

At SOCAR Türkiye, we believe in the possibility of a sustainable future. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, in addition to creating ...

6 min
Why is Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Important in Production Processes?
Sustainability 11.11.2023

The urgency of the climate crisis has underscored the growing importance of sustainability efforts. Businesses are actively working on projects to make their operations environm...

5 min
What is an Ecological Footprint? What ecological studies are carried out by SOCAR Türkiye?
Sustainability 06.10.2023

As long as we exist, all the activities we carry out have a cost to nature. The impact of this cost on nature and the extent to which biological capacity is exceeded are calcula...

4 min
What is Emission Trading System?
Sustainability 28.09.2023

Combatting climate change through the reduction of carbon emissions is crucial due to the warming of our planet. There is an urgent demand for industries to lower their carbon f...

4 min
Renewable Energy Technology: What Are the Types of Wind Turbines?
Sustainability 28/09/2023

Wind energy is one of the most important sources in the transition to renewable energy. Wind turbine technology, which stands out with its clean and sustainable structure, enabl...

4 min
Innovations that Increase Energy Efficiency
R&D and Innovation 24/08/2023

The increasing global population and growing consumer demands underscore the importance of efficient resource utilization. Moreover, the heightened consciousness regarding susta...

4 min
Contribution of 5G Technology to the Internet of Things (IoT) Market
Digital Transformation 18/08/2023

The swift progress of technology is simplifying the integration of inventive applications into all facets of our existence. The rapid pace of digital technology evolution is als...

3 min
What is Zero Waste? How is Waste Management Provided in SOCAR Türkiye?
Sustainability 18/08/2023

In recent times, companies globally have been giving considerable importance to zero waste projects. Waste stands as a significant factor in environmental pollution, and its imp...

6 min
What is Data Mining? How Does it Contribute to Industrial Productivity?
Digital Transformation 16/08/2023

In the modern digital era, the data produced by millions of individuals as part of their daily routines represents an extensive reservoir of valuable information. Our activities...

5 min
What is Industry 4.0? What are The Benefits for Companies?
Digital Transformation 14/08/2023

As technology advances rapidly, industries are undergoing substantial and transformative shifts. A fresh epoch is unfolding in the domain of industrial manufacturing, labeled as...

5 min
What are The Benefits of Solar Energy in a Circular Economy?
R&D and Innovation 10.08.2023

When discussing sustainability in the contemporary context, one of the initial ideas that emerges pertains to energy sources that are considerate of the environment. Among these...

5 min
What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? What are its benefits for companies?
Digital Transformation 19.06.2023

The rapid advancement of technology has led to significant transformations in the business landscape, prompting companies to seek ways to integrate new innovations into their op...

4 min
Things to Know About Raw Materials in the Petrochemical Industry
Petrochemical 17.05.2023

Written by Dr. Mevlüt Çetinkaya, Marketing Manager of SOCAR Türkiye Refinery Petrochemical Business Unit.

Raw materials make up aroun...

4 min
Occupational Health and Safety Week: Key Points in OHS Practices
Sustainability 04.05.2023

Ensuring occupational health and safety is crucial for promoting a sustainable future and social well-being since human beings are the most valuable asset in driving progress an...

4 min
Image Processing: Definition and Applications
R&D and Innovation 08.05.2023

The fast-paced progression of digital and intelligent technologies has brought numerous advancements seamlessly integrated into our daily routines. Among these breakthroughs is ...

5 min
The Versatile Applications of Drone Technology
R&D and Innovation 19.04.2023

In recent years, drone technology has become one of the most rapidly growing and popular technologies. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are equipped with features suc...

5 min
How to Create an Inclusive Work Environment with a DEI Strategy?
Sustainability 19.04.2023

Nowadays, organizations utilize various techniques to enhance their business operations and promote employee involvement. Among these methods is the DEI strategy, which companie...

4 min
What is Biomass Energy? How Is It Obtained?
R&D and Innovation 29.03.2023

Biomass is a general definition used for all biological materials (microorganisms and macroorganisms such as plants, animals, algae, etc.) obtained from living or dead but non-f...

6 min
The Era of Organisms in Industrial Production: What Does Biotechnology Mean?
R&D and Innovation 24.03.2023

Biotechnology is one of the concepts technology brings to us when dealing with the many risks that threaten the world. The biotechnology industry, which has gradually developed ...

5 min
Green Buildings on the Rise: What you need to know about LEED Certification
Sustainability 11.03.2023

Green building standards such as LEED are becoming more prominent with investments in clean energy. This is unsurprising, given that the housing sector generates 40% of global c...

6 min
Facilities of the Future: 8 Ways to Effective Waste Management
Sustainability 23.02.2023

Waste is one of the major causes of present environmental problems. Of course, many factors are responsible for the pollution of the environment, but waste is considered the pri...

4 min
What are the Petrochemical Products We Use in Daily Life?
Petrochemical 18.12.2022

Petrochemicals are synthetic materials derived from petroleum and natural gas. This definition may not mean much to you. Still, petrochemicals are part of a wide variety of prod...

4 min
How is the Carbon Footprint Calculated?
Sustainability 31.12.2022

Did you know that everything we do impacts our planet, and that impact can be calculated? We call it the “carbon footprint”, and we can calculate it for individuals ...

4 min
Compass of Sustainable Companies: What is ESG?
Sustainability 24.12.2022

It is not enough for companies to produce, provide services and increase profits in our age. Organizations wishing to exist in the future should prioritize environmental impacts...

5 min
What is Carbon Capture Technology? How Can It Heal the World?
R&D and Innovation 18.12.2022

We must avoid future impacts of climate change. This requires us to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050; in other words, we must equalize the amount of carbon dioxide we emit and...

3 min
Massive Potential of Energy: What is Blockchain? Why is it Important?
Digital Transformation 02.12.2022

Blockchain technology is expected to become increasingly popular in the energy sector, as in many other industries. It is seen as a promising tool in the energy sector for recor...

4 min
Why is Risk Management Important in Sustainability?
Sustainability 29.10.2022

Risks create both losses and opportunities in the business environment. Risk management is a corporate priority regarding environmental, social, and governance performance and h...

4 min
Türkiye’s Big Potential: Green Energy Resources
Sustainability 08.10.2022

Investments in green and renewable energy are growing every day as we realize our impact on the environment. Meeting the energy requirements in production from these two sources...

5 min
What is “Just Transition” in Sustainable Transformation?
Sustainability 02.10.2022
Although “just transition” is a new concept, it is quite popular. The International Labor Organization's (ILO) "Guidelines for Just Transition" established the global understanding...
5 min
How Artificial Intelligence is Driving Energy Companies
Digital Transformation 28.09.2022

The most important concepts that have come into our lives with digital transformation are unquestionably artificial intelligence and machine learning. While these technologies a...

5 min
Rising Trend in Industry: Renewable Energy
Sustainability 22.09.2022

The devastating impacts of the climate crisis are the greatest threat to our planet. We need to reduce our carbon emissions to counter this threat drastically. Given that energy...

5 min
The Heartbeat of the Industry: Petrochemicals
Petrochemical 12.09.2022

Toothbrushes, grocery bags, food packaging, computers, clothes, or furniture. Did you know that many products we use daily come from a common industry branch? Keyword: petrochem...

4 min
Recycling of Plastic Waste by Chemical Methods
R&D and Innovation 05.09.2022

Plastics are the raw material of many industries, in particular manufacturing. However, it is one of the most difficult substances to disappear in nature. According to scientifi...