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Social Responsibility


Having undertaken one of the largest-scale investments of the history of the country, SOCAR Turkey places occupational health and safety and environmental-sensitivity at the very heart of its business strategy. The company targets to maintain a safe, reliable and efficient work environment in every aspect of its operations.

In this context, SOCAR Turkey applies the HSE management system, abbreviated as “SAFE” – SOCAR Aims for Efficiency.  With this model, SOCAR Turkey and its affiliates aim at achieving the highest standards beyond adhering to the HSE laws, regulations and industrial practices. Through creating a safe working environment in every operational area including the offices and the high-risk work sites, the company strives for offering a superior added value.  



Keeping this objective in mind, SOCAR Turkey creates a healthy and safe work environment by managing risks in the most effective way. In risk management, the company refers to its accumulated experience, international standards and professional principles deduced from the high-risk operations of the industry. It makes sizable investments to achieve 100% safety, security and health in its processes.

SOCAR Turkey produces in accord, harmony and confidence

With its HSE Management System SAFE, SOCAR Turkey aims at creating a corporate culture that seeks excellence in this area. Being the backbone of all the company’s operations, SOCAR Turkey’s employees play an active role in occupational health and safety and environmental benefit areas. SOCAR Turkey encourages its employees to share their opinions in a participative and transparent atmosphere, take responsibility, assess the risks and employ the best practices.   

Business Principles

Occupational Health:

The well-being of our people and communities is vital to our business.


We value safety as a license to operate. Do it safely or don’t do it!


We are trusted stewards of our natural resources. We lead the way to deliver a healthy environment for today and tomorrow.

Key Beliefs

SOCAR Turkey believes:

  • All accidents can be prevented
  • To work here you must be committed to working safely
  • Environmentally responsible operations are essential to our success
  • Every single employee and contractor is accountable for HSE performance
  • We deliver on our commitments
  • Compliance with our HSE management system and our commitment to this policy enable HSE excellence