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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We strive to create social values, and provide benefit to our environment and the entire humanity with all our energy. We realize highly important projects in this field by adopting state-of-the-art technology and applications at international standards.



SOCAR Turkey takes all universal values and investment in humans as the basis, and acts bearing in mind that its responsibilities for its employees are of top priority.


SOCAR Turkey assures safety of its laborers, serving in highly-risky working group, at the highest level, and adopts environment-friendly approaches in production. Accordingly; it implements not only the quality and environment management systems, prescribed by ISO, but also carries out its activities in Integrated Management System, established and certificated in 2009 at Petkim. It closely follows developing technology, and replaces the available equipment and materials with more secure equipment and less dangerous chemicals, ensuring the highest level of security.


It also aims sustainable development of its employees, and attached maximum level of importance to personal development and career journey of them. Accordingly; SOCAR Turkey aims to provide a sustainable career for its employees through personal and technical development programs. Granted with "Competency in Excellency" in 2008 and "National Quality Success Award" in 2012, SOCAR Turkey maintains its successful applications in this field. It considers as its primary responsibility to invest in health, safety, social and professional development of its employees. 



SOCAR Turkey adopts practices observing environmental impacts while carrying out the biggest investments of the country's history. It takes pains to use clean and renewable energy resources in its business processes. It utilizes cutting-edge technology, and realizes projects focusing on environment and human health.


These projects are supported with environmental activities such as efficient use of natural resources and energy, permanent observation of emissions, and effective management of wastes. Focusing on environment and human during realization of long-term investments, SOCAR Turkey aims to pass a clean and livable world down to next generations.


Sosyal Sorumluluk



Adopting as a principle to realize the investments to respond to the energy need of Turkey, SOCAR Turkey endeavors to provide contribution to energy supply with its clean and renewable energy resources. It acts in line with its responsibilities for its business partners and environment. It implements energy efficiency policies set in line with ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate obtained in 2013.


Accordingly; SOCAR Turkey sets targets to reduce energy consumption across all its companies while performing improvements for more effective and more sustainable energy consumption. Allocating its sources for projects to increase energy efficiency, SOCAR Turkey minimizes its carbon footprint in energy management, providing a guarantee to protect the environment.


SOCAR Turkey releases high-quality and healthy products at European norms to the market in its business operating in chemistry industry.