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Being an Employee at SOCAR Turkey 

We, at SOCAR Turkey, have built our Human Resources policy based on humans, of course. Accordingly; we aim to provide a safe, fair and healthy working environment equipped with ethical values, offer the practices to keep motivation levels high, prefer qualified workforce and remain as the preferred one for them while maintaining our corporate development, and also create the human resources for future with a global approach.

We have full faith in that each and every employee of us has an impact and importance to carry us forward within our ever-growing organization at SOCAR Turkey. We are aware of that our success is in direct connection with high performance levels either displayed or to be displayed by our employees. We create our human resources in strict adherence to the principle of "assigning the right candidate to the right position" in line with our corporate values, and offer them competitive opportunities to ensure their development and high levels of motivation.  Considering the projects and businesses of SOCAR in Turkey, we have justified pride of participating in and realizing various valuable projects, all together.

We, at SOCAR Turkey, make substantial investments to ensure personal and professional development of our employees, support their development by means of global and professional tools, and offer them competitive and fair wages, as well as fringe benefits which are based on global methodologies.

We adopt and promote an efficient and motivational communication environment in line with the corporate ethical principles. 

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Training and Development

SOCAR Turkey holds Professional and Personal Development trainings to enable that the employees are equipped with any and all necessary skills, in addition to the statutorily mandatory trainings. Trainings are determined based on the analyses conducted within the organization, and targets, performance evaluation results, career plans, industrial developments and personal development plans. Our internal trainers develop and deliver trainings in line with the pre-determined needs while we get support from the expert academicians and professional trainers in the fields requiring expertise.

Each and every joiner, to assume duty in our company, is welcomed by her/his dedicated BUDDY, and adaptation process of them are accelerated with both face-to-face and electronic orientation programs. One of the most important parts of orientation, which provides general information on both SOCAR Companies and Human Resources Practices, is the Field Visits to Aliaga where the investments by SOCAR Turkey have become intense.

Our most important driving force forming the development plans at SOCAR Turkey is giving our employees different points of views, broadening their vision and ensuring their continuous development. 

Talent Management

We have created an environment where our employees can turn their skills into high performance levels, work with their faces smiling, both personal and career development of them are monitored, and they are included to training-development programs following determination of the improvement fields, if any, at our organization which attracts talents. Under Talent Management model which has been developed dedicatedly for SOCAR Turkey, a high level of importance is attached to ensure that all these processes are carried out in an objective manner across the company.

Internship Program

As SOCAR Turkey, we completed "Discover SOCAR, Discover Your Energy“ our first summer internship program this year. Within the scope of this process, 10 people have been qualified and completed their internships in Construction, Project Management, HSE, Law, Portfolio and Capital Investments, External Relations, Supply Chain and Purchasing departments. You can watch the video with the important feedbacks from trainees.