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Facts about SOCAR

19.5 Billion Dollars

Providing substantial contributions to the economic cooperation of Azerbaijan and Turkey with its investments, SOCAR Turkey takes steps to reduce the foreign dependency of Turkey especially in the fields of petro-chemistry and refinery. Upon completion of all ongoing projects of SOCAR Turkey which increase the value-added production power of Turkey, the total value of its investments will reach up to 19.5 billion US Dollars.

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Acquiring 51 percent of the shares of Petkim, which is the first and only integrated petro-chemical facility of Turkey, in 2008, SOCAR Turkey aims to become one of the biggest production powers of not only Turkey, but also the entire region with its giant projects SOCAR Terminal, STAR Refinery and TANAP realized with an investment value of 400 million US Dollars, 6.3 billion US Dollars and 6.5 billion US Dollars, respectively.