The Fundamental Step of Integration...

STAR Rafineri A.Ş., founded on September 10, 2008, will carry out the refinery investment with a capacity of processing 10 million tons of crude oil which will pave the way for future projections on the PETKİM Peninsula and provide raw material assurance.

STAR Refinery, which will be established by an environmentally friendly technology, will manufacture 1.6 million tons of naphtha, which will rescue the petrochemical sector from the foreign dependency, and petroleum products such as diesel oil, jet fuel and LPG etc. STAR Refinery, the foundation of which was laid by İlham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey in 25 October 2011, has obtained the first strategic investment incentive certificate of Turkey. Within the frame of refinery site preparations, the excavation works has been largely completed. Refinery will be constructed by a consortium consisting of Tecnicas Reunidas from Spain, Saipem from Italy, GS Engineering from South Korea and Itochu from Japan.

As the fundamental step of the “Value-Site” Project in the Petkim Peninsula, STAR Refinery will provide employment and a great contribution to the regional and national economy by increasing the competitive power as it will start operation in 2017. At the same time STAR Refinery will be the first refinery that starts to operate in Turkey after 1972.

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  • Quality:

    High standard conversion refinery crude oil processing capacity of

  • Capacity:

    10 million tons / year of crude oil

  • Raw Material:

    Flexibility of processing variety of crude oil such as Ural, "Azeri Light" and Kirkuk

  • Products and Capabilities:

    Petrochemical Material:
    Naphtha: 1.300.000 million tons / year
    Mixed Xylene: 455.000 tonnes / year
    Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel: 4.950.000 ton/year
    Jet Fuel: 1.695.000 tons / year
    LPG: 261,000 tons / year
    Reformat: 525,000 tons / year
    Petroleum coke: 698,000 tons / year
    Sulfur: 157,000 tons / year

  • Main Fuel of the Refinery::

    Natural Gas

  • Environmental Standards of the Project::

    The current EU norms

  • Refinery Unit Capacities and Licensors::

    Crude Oil Unit(CDU): - FWI
    Vacuum Unit(VDU): - FWI
    Saturated Gas Unit(SGP): - FWI
    Unsaturated Gas Unit(UGP): – FWI
    Naptha Hydrotreater Unit(NHT): - Axens
    Kerosen Hydrotreater (KHT)– Axens
    Diesel Hydrotreater (DHT) – Axens
    Hydrocracker Unit(HCU) – UOP
    Delayed Coker (DCU) – FW USA
    CCR Reformer Unit(CCR) - UOP
    Hydrogen Unit (HGU) - Technip
    Saturated LPG Merox Unit(SRCT) - UOP
    Unsaturated LPG Merox Unit(URCT) - UOP
    Sulfur Recovery Unit and Tail Gas Cleanup Unit (SRU/ TGT) - Tecnimont KT