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Processing of Personal Data and Privacy Policy

Introduction and Scope

Thin Privacy Policy ("Policy") sets out the rules on personal data which are processed by SOCAR Turkey during use of the website with the domain name of“Web Site”) which is put into use and operated by SOCAR Turkey Enerji A.S. ("SOCAR Turkey"). The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that any and all personal data of Data Owners (any person whose personal data are processed during use of the Web Site shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Data Owner") in accordance with the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data, and the other related applicable regulations.

Use of the Web Site shall mean that this Policy has been read, understood and acknowledged. In the event that you do not acknowledge any of the rules set out hereunder, please stop using the Web Site immediately.

In case of any link to a web site or application or similar sites, owned by any third party, through the web site, then, the web sites, applications and similar sites accessed by means of such links shall be excluded hereunder. In any such case, the privacy policy to be applicable for the respective web site, application or similar sites, may apply.

Any and all data, which do not fall under the category of personal data, as well as the anonymized data shall be excluded hereunder.

Amendment to the Policy

SOCAR Turkey hereby reserves its right to amend the Policy in any manner at its own discretion, at any time. When the amended policy is posted on the Web Site or the Data Owners are informed of such amended policy by other means of communication, the amended Policy shall enter into effect, unless provided otherwise.

Who is the Data Controller in Processing of Your Personal Data?

SOCAR Turkey Enerji A.S., situated at SOCAR Plaza, Vadistanbul Bulvar, Ayazağa Mah. Cendere Cad. No: 109-E, 1D Blok, 34485, Sarıyer / İstanbul, shall act as the data controller in processing of your personal data under the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data.

Our Core Principles in Processing of Your Personal Data

We act in line with the below-given principles while processing your personal data:

  • Statutory and integrity principles are observed,
  • Any such data are accurate, and up-to-date if and when so required,
  • Any such data are processed for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes,
  • Any such data are associated with, and limited to the purpose for which they are processed,
  • Any such data are retained during the statutory period of time either prescribed under the respective regulations or with respect to the purpose for which they are processed.

Which of Your Personal Data are Processed?

The below-given personal data of you are collected and processed by SOCAR Turkey hereunder:

  • Your name & surname,
  • Your e-mail address,
  • Your request/suggestion/complaint you have sent to SOCAR Turkey by means of the communication form,
  • Your IP address,
  • Your curriculum vitae information you have communicated through Human Resources department.

What are the Collection Methods and Processing Purposes for Your Personal Data?

Your personal data are collected by SOCAR Turkey by means of Cookies or the fields filled out by you in the capacity of Data Owners during use of the Web Site.

SOCAR Turkey may use your personal data in order to assess, resolve and reply your requests/suggestions/complaints. Additionally; your personal data collected may be processed in order to enable SOCAR Turkey to fulfill its statutory obligations, to determine usage habits of Data Owners, to perform marketing and sales activities, to manage human resources, to develop and improve the Web Site, as well as to eliminate any software-based errors.

With Whom are Your Personal Data Shared?

SOCAR Turkey may share your personal data hereunder, as well as your new personal data to be obtained upon processing thereof, with the third parties, from which it procures support or service (including the cloud service providers), and the other SOCAR Turkey companies in order to achieve the data processing purposes as specified hereinabove.

In addition to the foregoing; your personal data may be shared with any third party in order to develop and improve the Web Site, and to eliminate any software-based error. Finally; your personal data may be shared with the judicial and administrative authorities, or institutions and organizations which requests so in accordance with the statutory regulations.

Your personal data may be retained on any server available in various countries.

Retention of Your Personal Data

Your personal data shall be retained for a period of time as required by the processing purposes specified hereinabove, or for a statutory period of time prescribed under the applicable laws.

Information on Measures Taken for Security of Your Personal Data

SOCAR Turkey hereby warrants that it shall take any and all kinds of technical and administrative measures, and carry out the necessary audits to achieve the appropriate security level in order to ensure that your personal data are not processed in breach of laws, that your personal data are not accessed in breach of laws, and that your personal data are retained securely.

Your personal data shall not be processed, or shared with any third party in breach of the rules, prescribed hereunder and the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data, by SOCAR Turkey.

Warning on Processing Personal Data of Persons Aged Under 13>

Any personal data of persons aged under thirteen (13) shall not be processed by SOCAR Turkey. Accordingly; any personal data of persons detected to be under thirteen (13) years old, shall be immediately deleted, and not processed in case the consent of their parents or guardians is not obtained.

What are Your Rights on Your Personal Data?

You are entitled to apply to SOCAR Turkey for the below-given purposes:

  • to inquire whether your personal data have been processed, or not; and
  • to ask for information regarding any such processed personal data; and
  • to be informed about the purpose of processing of any such data, and also about the fact that whether such data have been used as appropriate to the purpose thereto; and
  • to be informed about the 3rd parties to which any such data has been transmitted either domestically or internationally; and
  • to ask for correction of any imperfect or inaccurate data of you in case of any imperfect or inaccurate processing thereof; and
  • to ask for deletion or disposal of any such personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed under the applicable regulations thereto; and
  • to ask for providing information regarding correction, deletion and disposal processes, performed in accordance with the applicable regulations, to the third parties to which any such personal data has been transmitted; and
  • to raise an objection against such outcome in case of emergence of an outcome that is to the detriment of you upon the analysis of any such processed personal data solely by any automatic system; and also
  • to claim for compensation of any and all damage and/or loss you might have incurred in case any such personal data have been processed in breach of the law.

Any request to be submitted by you in order to exercise your rights regarding your personal data shall be concluded in maximum thirty (30) days by serving a notice to you.

You hereby represent in the capacity of Data Owner that your personal data hereunder are perfect, accurate and up-to-date, and you may update such data in case of any change thereto. Otherwise, SOCAR Turkey may not be held liability with respect thereto.

In the event that you raise any request which might prevent SOCAR Turkey from using your personal data, you may not be entitled to utilize all or some of the functions of the Web Site.


You can contact SOCAR Turkey in order to send your inquiries on this Policy, and to exercise your rights regarding your personal data. Any contact, which has been established through any means other than the legal means, and which fails to comply with the form and content requirements as prescribed under the related applicable law, may be ignored by SOCAR Turkey.