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Storage - SOCAR Depolama

An integral link of the energy chain

SOCAR Storage which started operation in 2016, represents the storage and operations link of SOCAR's Energy chain.


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In line with the requests of SOCAR group companies and business partners, SOCAR Stroge stores all petroleum products and natural gas inside the tanks, carries out the operations for filling of the petroleum products and natural gas into the land and sea tankers, for discharging the petroleum products and natural gas from the sea tankers to the tanks in accordance with the national and international requirements, as well as the HSE policy.


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Equipped with the ability to store 200.000 cubic meters fuel oil products and 45.000 cubic meters LPG, SOCAR Storage terminal, situated in Aliaga, Izmir, is the largest terminal across the Aegean Region. This terminal will be among the 5 largest terminals of Turkey upon completion of the ongoing additional projects carried out to increase the capacity by 350.000 cubic meters and to expand the seaport. SOCARStorage carries out the storage and handling operations for fuel oil and chemical products in its facilities situated in Kocaeli, Gebze and Hatay Dortyol, and CNG filling operations in its facilities situated across Denizli and Ordu.


SOCAR Storage aims to provide services to all regions of Turkey by expanding its operational regions following commencement of the production operations across the STAR Refinery in 2018.

Please click here to see SOCAR Storage's dangerous goods guide. For the Turkish version, please click here

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