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Blazing a trail across the alternative telecommunication industry in Turkey, Millenicom has been providing telecommunication and communication services to its customers since 2004, and connects its users to the world through an affordable, flawless and high-quality connection.

Millenicom, which serves as an important alternative in the field of telecommunication thanks to its various services and offerings, has more than 240 thousand individual and corporate customers.


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Equipped with the capability to provide ADSL and fiber Internet service to its individual users through the infrastructure of both Turk Telekom and Superonline by means of a fixed telephone line, Millenicom reaches its corporate users through fixed telephone line and its facilitating cloud-based solutions with many affordable pricing options which increase the Internet and business quality.

Offering service to all cities and regions, which are equipped with the infrastructure of Turk Telekom and Superonline across Turkey, Millenicom provides its services to more than 16 thousand users by means of the leading Cloud-Based Exchange Network in Turkey.

Millenicom maintains its business operations under the roof of SOCAR Turkey as of 2019