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Kayserigaz, the first natural gas distribution tender held in 2003 by the Energy Market Regulatory Board (EMRB), performs distribution, transmission and marketing of natural gas of Kayseri which is one of the most important players of the Turkish energy industry.


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Network Size: 2.500 Kilometers

Kayserigaz, playing a crucial role in provision of energy supply safely and uninterruptedly, needed by Kayseri, supplied natural gas of a total of 619 cubic meters to its subscribers in 2018. Attaining a network size of more than 4.800 kilometers, Kayserigaz has one of the most contemporary natural gas distribution network of Turkey.


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Customer Satisfaction Rate of 99 Percent

Maintaining its business operations under the roof of SOCAR Turkey as of 2019, Kayserigaz has integrated, internally, the SCADA system which enables to control the existing line from a single point, and to respond to any potential emergencies instantly without any loss of time or labor.


Increasing the number of its BBS (Independent Unit Number) subscribers, which was 20.000 in 2004, to 520.000 with a rise by 26 folds as of the end of 2018, Kayserigaz is the first natural gas distribution company which has obtained the ISO 10002, ISO 31000 and ISO 45001 certificates across the industry. Attaching top-level priority to customer satisfaction, Kayserigaz has a customer satisfaction rate of 99 percent.


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