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Fiber – SOCAR Fiber

Innovative added value

Due to the gradually expanding IP traffic and the demand for a faster communication, the interest and need in fiber optic infrastructure is growing exponentially. There is a higher need for new infrastructures. Standing among the leading energy companies, in line with this global potential in the telecommunication sector, SOCAR Turkey included optic infrastructure investments into its value chain.

SOCAR Fiber was founded in 2013 to maintain a strong, preferable and reliable network in the electronic communication market between Europe and the Far East. The company invests to provide a backbone network service to operator companies for all electronic communications and fast-speed internet access services. SOCAR Fiber has plans to build a 1.800 kilometers long fiber optic line to cross Turkey on the east-west direction. Additionally, the company aims at contributing to the operators and other communication firms by offering extra capacity and backup lines to their services.

With this communication infrastructure project SOCAR Fiber stands as a new and strategic investment and thus is of great importance for Turkey, Azerbaijan and the region.