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Energy Distribution – SOCAR Distribution

The Final Stage of SOCAR’s Value Chain

SOCAR Distribution, is the energy distribution company that SOCAR Group meets with the end consumer. The company operates in commercial and retail fuel sales, marine and aviation sales, LNG/CNG/OTO CNG business.

Within this scope, SOCAR Distribution manages subsidiary brands including SOCAR in the fuel distribution sector, SOCAR CNG in auto CNG sector, SOCAR MARINE and SOCAR AVIATION in marine and aviation fuels sector respectively, and SOCAR CNG and SOCAR LNG in gas sales market.


SOCAR Dağıtım

Founded for operating energy distribution business as the final stage of SOCAR’s Refinery - Petrochemicals – Energy – Logistics - Distribution integration vision, SOCAR Distribution serves in 10 cities with SOCAR CNG stations in Turkey. The company is now ready to increase the value it creates through its growth-oriented strategy.

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