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Petrochemicals – Petkim

Backbone of industry

Petrochemistry industry plays a strategic role in production processes of all industries from construction to agriculture, and from textile to pharmaceutical industry. Today, petrochemical products form the basis of modern production.  Therefore; petrochemistry is one of the most important factors to help countries to establish a strong economy which does not rely on international sources.

Incorporated in 1965, Petkim maintains its business operations as the first and only petrochemical producer of Turkey. Producing approximately 60 petrochemical products at its production facilities in Aliaga, Izmir, Petkim provides contributions to national industry and production.


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SOCAR Turkey acquired and made Petkim focal point of its investments in 2008, make investment to the company of 100 million dollars approximately every year. Petkim is also among the top-ranking industrial enterprises and exports leaders across Turkey.


In every sphere of life

The petrochemical products, produced by Petkim, are used in several industrial branches such as automotive, electrics, electronics, agriculture, packaging, textile, pharmaceutics, paints, construction, detergent and cosmetics. Satisfying the production and developments needs of industries with its innovative and high-quality products, Petkim touches every sphere of life with its production volume of annual gross production of 3.6 million tons.

Supplying products to 6 thousand SMEs just in Turkey, it performs exports operations to 78 countries, providing international added value with its strategic products.


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The pride of Turkey

Adopting achievement criteria in line with respect for humans and environment, Petkim develops and utilizes all production technologies with these criteria in mind. Petkim continues to be the pride of Turkey with not only the economic inputs it generates, but also the social, environmental and cultural added values it creates.